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Sweet Spot Yoni Oil

Sweet Spot Yoni Oil

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Sweet Spot Oil will keep your sweet spot fresh and balanced. Great to use on the go and after a nice shower. You can add a few drops on your panty liner also.

Sweet Spot Oil is perfect for keeping your ph balanced and also serving as an antibacterial and anti fungal. It helps fight off or prevent several common feminine issues such as yeast infections , bacterial infection, and dryness. 
Can be used as a all over moisturizer also. Great for your skin.

Lavendar helps improve mood and relieve stress




Sweet Almond Oil

Coconut Oil

Jojoba Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil


Rose essential

White Angelica Oil

Ylang Ylang essential Oil


Take 1-2 drops then gently apply it to vulva (yoni), or use it directly on the panty liner. Or take 1-2 drops and dilute with warm water and then bathe.