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  • Natural Pleasure Boost
  • Legal Compliant H4CBD
  • 100% Vegan
  • Lab Tested

Experience the enchanting charm of our NUUD Aphrodisiac Gummies in the irresistible Strawberry flavor. These gummies, tailored just for women, incorporate an all-natural H4CBD formula that aspires to energize and amplify your intimate experiences. Relish the delightful strawberry taste as these gummies inspire new realms of desire.

Key Features:

  • Vegan
  • 30mg H4CBD per gummy (1 Gummy = 1 Serving)
  • All-natural H4CBD aphrodisiac formula, designed specifically for women
  • Sumptuous strawberry taste
  • User-friendly gummy form
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • THC-free
  • Contains 3 gummies per packet

Discover the transformative power of nature with our uniquely tailored gummies. Their luscious strawberry flavor satiates your taste buds while simultaneously working in tandem with your senses to inspire deeper intimate connections and elevated pleasure.

Made in the USA, our gummies offer a discreet and uncomplicated approach to invigorate your romantic life. Each packet contains three gummies, facilitating an enjoyable and simple experience.

Strawberry Aphrodisiac Woman Gummies Ingredients:

  1. Damiana: A botanical known for its traditional use in supporting female reproductive health and enhancing sexual desire. Damiana contributes to overall sexual well-being and helps elevate female sexual experiences.

  2. Maca: Derived from a root vegetable, Maca is celebrated for increasing energy, boosting endurance, and promoting libido. It plays a role in enhancing female sexual health and intensifying intimate moments.

  3. Muira Puama: Commonly referred to as "potency wood," Muira Puama is a plant extract believed to enhance sexual desire, address sexual function, and support female sexual performance.

  4. H4CBD: Our proprietary blend of CBD is thoughtfully crafted to encourage relaxation, reduce stress, and support holistic well-being. By helping to alleviate stress and anxiety, it indirectly contributes to a satisfying and fulfilling sex life for women.

  5. Water: Serving as the foundation for the gummies, water ensures the desired consistency and hydration in each piece.

  6. Granulated Sugar: Infusing sweetness into the gummies, granulated sugar enhances the taste for a delightful sensory experience.

  7. Isomalt: A sugar substitute with fewer calories, isomalt provides sweetness while aligning with health-conscious choices.

  8. Flavoring: Elevating the gummies' taste, flavoring adds a delightful and enjoyable aspect to the experience.

  9. High Methoxyl Slow Set Pectin: As a natural Kosher, Keto-friendly, and Vegan gelling agent, high methoxyl slow set pectin imparts the desired texture and structure to the gummies.

  10. Agar Agar: An additional Vegan natural gelling agent, agar agar contributes to the gummies' consistency while offering trace minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium, enhancing overall health and well-being.